Pickup and Delivery

Before you move, an agreement with Sav-a-lot will be established on the dates for pickup and delivery of your shipment. It is your responsibility to determine on what date your shipment will be picked up and the date or time frame you require delivery. Once an agreement is reached, Sav-a-lot will enter those dates upon the order for service and the bill of lading.

Upon loading your shipment, Sav-a-lot is contractually bound to provide the service described in the bill of lading. Sav-a-lot might use the term “delivery spread” as the timeframe in which you can expect your shipment to be delivered. This means that your shipment could arrive anytime during the delivery spread. Sav-a-lot will usually give you a 24-hour advance notice of when it plans to arrive with your shipment. At that time, you must be available to accept delivery or your shipment could be placed in storage at your expense.

Once you and Sav-a-lot agrees to a delivery date, or to a range of dates, it is your responsibility to be available to accept delivery on any of those dates. The same applies when you and Sav-a-lot agrees to alternate delivery dates. Do not agree to have your shipment picked up or delivered “as soon as possible.” The dates or periods you and Sav-a-lot agrees upon should be definite. If you request Sav-a-lot to change the dates for your shipment, Sav-a lot may agree to do so providing that the change will not result in unreasonable delay to their equipment or interfere with another customer’s move. However, Sav-a-lot is not required to change the dates and can place your shipment in storage at your expense if you are unwilling or unable to accept delivery on the agreed dates.

The only reason your mover would be excused from providing a service as described in the bill of lading is because of “force majeure.” This is a legal term which means an unforeseen change of circumstances beyond the control of Sav-a-lot. For example, if there were a major snow storm that prevented Sav-a-lot from servicing your shipment as outlined in the bill of lading, Sav-a-lot would not be responsible for damages resulting from its nonperformance. If Sav-a-lot fails to pick up or deliver your shipment on the agreed date or during the delivery spread, and you have expenses that you otherwise would not have, you will be able to recover your full refund.