Inventory Of Shipment

Your mover must prepare an inventory of your shipment. This is usually done at the time the mover loads your shipment.

The mover is required to list any damage or unusual wear to any items. The purpose is to make a record of the existence and condition of each item before it is moved.

After completing the inventory, both you and the mover must sign each page of the inventory. It is important that before signing you make sure the inventory lists every item in your shipment and that entries regarding the condition of each item are correct.

You have the right to note any disagreement.

When your shipment is delivered, if an item is missing or damaged, your ability to recover from the mover for any loss or damage may depend on the notations made on this form.

The mover will give you a copy of each page of the inventory.

Attach the complete inventory to your copy of the bill of lading. It is your receipt for the shipment.

At the time your shipment is delivered, it is your responsibility to check the items delivered against the items listed on your inventory.

If new damage is discovered, make a record of it on the inventory form.

Call the damage to the attention of the mover and request that a record of the damage is made on the mover’s copy of the inventory.

After the complete shipment is unloaded, the mover will request that you sign the mover’s copy of the inventory to show that you received the items listed.

Do not sign until you have assured yourself that it is accurate and that proper notations have been entered regarding any missing or damaged items.

Movers are prohibited from having you sign documents that release the mover from all liability for loss or damage to the shipment in exchange for delivery.