When You’ll Be Charged
In order to serve our customers with the best expectation of our services, Sav-a-lot requires a deposit to hold the date and time for your move.  The deposit will be deducted from your final balance.  However to cancel your move we will be more than happy to cancel your move, however we will not refund any deposits for any reason, due to the inconvenience of our customers.  Otherwise, determining a refund will be handle solely upon the discretion of the owner of the organization and the amount of the deposit will be determined according to the move size.  Our promise to you is to deliver the best possible move at the least costly amount. Once we give you a quote we do not make change orders but fulfill the expectations of our customers. Non-payment or  Late payments will be subject to a charge of 2% of the invoice amount plus additional delivery fee of $250.00 if have to be re-deliver for non-payment or any changes.

Collection of Charges
Sav-a-lot will issue the customer an honest and truthful freight or expense bill for each shipment transported. When your shipment is delivered the customer will be expected to pay either 100 percent of the charges on your binding estimate. You will also be requested to pay the charges for any services that you requested (for example, waiting time, an extra pickup or delivery, storage) after the contract with Sav-a-lot has been executed that were not included in the estimate, and any charges for services performed in conjunction with impracticable operations is due at delivery. You should verify in advance what method of payment Sav-a-lot will accept. If you do not pay the charges due at the time of delivery Sav-a-lot has the right to refuse to deliver your shipment and to place it into storage at your expense until the charges are paid. The regulations provide that when Sav-a-lot arrives at the destination, they may collect the charges due before the shipment is unloaded from the truck. If your shipment is transported by two or more trucks, Sav-a-lot may require payment for each portion as it is delivered. Sav-a-lot may delay the collection of all the charges until the entire shipment is delivered, at its discretion. When you order your move, you should ask the mover about this policy. Your mover can only collect the charges on the percentage of the shipment that was successfully delivered. For example if you receive a binding estimate of $1,000 to move 1,000 pounds of your goods and 50 percent of that shipment is lost, then the mover can only collect 50 percent of the estimate or $500. 

Default Card 
​Sav-a-lot will first attempt to charge the default Card designated by you from your deposit.  In the event that Sav-a-lot is unable to charge that Card for any reason–including but not limited to exceeding the Card’s credit limit, Card cancellation, Card being out of date, or Card details being incorrect–you agree that Sav-a-lot may charge any other Card received by you. However, if payment is made by cash and a balance is due, Sav-a-lot will invoice you  and will charge the balance of any credit card that has been given by the customer to settle their debt.  All payments are is expected immediately.