Binding Estimates

A binding estimate guarantees that you cannot be required to pay more than the amount on the estimate. However, if you add additional items to your shipment or request additional services, you and Sav-a-lot may: agree to abide by the original binding estimate, negotiate a new binding estimate or convert the binding estimate into a non-binding estimate. If Sav-a-lot does not give you a new binding estimate in writing, or agree in writing to convert the binding estimate to a non-binding estimate before your goods are loaded, the original binding estimate is reaffirmed. Under these circumstances, Sav-a-lot should not charge or collect more than the amount of the original binding estimate at delivery for the quantities and services included in the estimate. If there are unforeseen circumstances (such as elevators, stairs, or required parking permits) at the destination Sav-a-lot shall charge  the customer additional expenses at the time of delivery on their move day. Charges for services required as a result of impracticable operations are due at delivery, including in additional payments must be paid at the time of the move, and can only be changed at discretion of managment.  If you are unable to pay 100 percent of the charges on a binding estimate, Sav-a-lot may place your shipment in storage at your expense until the required charges (including the cost of the storage) are paid. Your mover may charge a fee to prepare a binding estimate.

Non-Binding Estimates

A non-binding estimate is intended to provide you with an estimate of the cost of your move. A non-binding estimate is not a guarantee of your final costs, but it should be reasonably accurate. The estimate must indicate that your final charges will be based upon the actual weight of your shipment, the services provided. Therefore, the amount of your mover’s non-binding estimate may be different than the amount you ultimately have to pay. A non-binding estimate must be in writing and clearly describe the shipment and all services provided.