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As a member of the military, I moved often on a very short notice. Picking up and moving at the drop of a hat is dreadful no matter where I was in the world and I came to understand just  how complex, risky, time consuming and costly moving can be.

Often times I was guessing and felt overwhelmed with the overabundance of companies to choose from.  Spending way too much time deciding who to call, I'd start packing late in the game and at times found myself still throwing stuff into boxes when the moving truck arrived.

But the biggest and most stressful part of the guessing game always started with the pricing, not knowing how much I needed to spend in order to get the job done right.  And when I say right ,I mean, I like it when my belongings arrive in my new home safe and undamaged .  Like it our not, sentimental attachment to our "stuff" is universal.  We all have pictures, mementos and items that remind us of people, places and things that have added value to our lives and we'd like to keep them.

My military training and constant uprooting helped me develop a respect and talent  for  moving logistics.  I began Sav-A- Lot Movers 12 years ago and my mission as the CEO has been to make the moving process as easy and transparent as possible and more importantly to make sure your belonging arrive at its new destination in tact. 

The journey to start my own moving company was strewn with precious life experiences such as completing my MBA and receiving a host of accreditations such as The Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), the Small Business Enterprise (SBE), the Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE), the Disadvantage Enterprise (DBE) and the Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise (ACDE).  I  take pride in being  a veteran and woman owned business with heart.

Growing the business from the ground up, I have learned what it takes to eliminate the stress of moving and how to provide this service at a fair price. We want to make your choice of who you hire as easy as possible.  We believe doing great work and protecting your belongings always trump the bottom line. 

Since the beginning, Sav-A-Lot has provided moving support to families, businesses, military, and government personnel. We primarily serve the Mid-Atlantic area, which consists of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. We will continue to provide you with the highest level of service and respect, and most importantly treat you fairly and honestly.

We look forward to doing what we do so that you can relax and do what you do.


Gloria J. Johnson, CEO

Sav-A-Lot Movers, LLC

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